m_lewisMy name is Meredith Lewis and I’m currently in the home stretch towards completion of my Masters of Science in Library Science (MSLS) at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science.  My professional interests lie in reference, instructional design, collaboration, library support for online education, and library outreach, especially to non-traditional and students with special needs.

As a former educator and future librarian, learning about learners in all education environments and how best to meet their diverse needs is one of my strongest professional interests.  Working as the TA on the UNC Metadata MOOC provided a great opportunity to study an emerging population and gain insight into what types of learners participate in massive online education and how libraries can support these learners, especially as online classes in general become more the norm in academic environments.  This blog is not intended to be written with a highly scholarly tone– I intend to document my reflections mixed in with my research in a more informal way here.

Personally, I strongly believe in cat macros, dog shaming, and archival photographs, especially those of librarians being awesome.


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